Baldwin Door Knobs

Baldwin Door Knobs – Review

There have been Baldwin door knobs gracing doors since 1946. One of the essential parts of a door that make a door unique is the hardware. Door knobs are available in a number of shapes, styles and finishes. In addition, they are simple to replace and quickly change the look of any door.

Baldwin originally began as Baldwin Tool and Die Company and was purchased by the Fayerman family who actually began making letter boxes (mail boxes/slots). By watching the changes in the construction industry, they began offering door knobs. In 1956, they became the leaders in forging, instead of casting, their products. In 1966, again Baldwin created an innovative and better process to weld brass and steel together.


As time progressed, the company continued to make their mark within the industry by providing products to those who only wanted the best. In 1993, an “industry first” was created and actually has multiple patents; this is their Lifetime Finish. Beginning with a one page catalog, Baldwin now offers hundreds of options to enhance any home.

If you want quality, then choose Baldwin door knobs to ensure you can open and close your doors each and every time. We don’t always consider a door knob as something of importance, but it is. We touch them every day; they are an entrance to another part of our lives. Whether we automatically reach for the knob and turn or look first at the door knob, something can be said about the underlying knowledge that there is quality beneath the palm of your hand.

The company offers for lines of which each one offers numerous options to beautify your home. There are four series to choose from and these are the Prestige Series, Reserve Series, Estate Series and the Archetypes Series. Each series offers a number of features to ensure that every door in your home will be glorified by Baldwin door knobs.

The Prestige Series offers 3 finishes, Rustic and Traditional styles, 4 different knobs and levers and 7 handle sets. The Reserve Series offers 8 finishes, Contemporary, Traditional and Rustic styles, 11 different knobs and levers and 15 different handle sets. The Estate Series offers 22 finishes, over 10 styles, 89 knobs and levers and 71 handle sets. The Archetypes Series offers 7 finishes, 6 knobs and levers and 3 handle sets. The Estate and Archetypes series are both made to order lines.

Each of the Baldwin door knobs that are offered are solid and provide innovative and durability features. One feature that Baldwin offers is their Smart Key technology. You can have your lock re-keyed as often as necessary without purchasing a new lock. This feature ensures safety and convenience.

What else is available? You will find hardware for your entry doors, deadbolts and of course knobs and levers of which some are available with locks. The styles offered are Contemporary, Traditional (Classic, Colonial, Federal and Victorian), Rustic and Couture. There are 26 different finishes and two different types of locks which are Mortise and Tubular.

Each piece is hand-crafted, stylish and beautiful. Glass or metal, round to square and each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty on both the mechanics and the finish. Baldwin door knobs are indeed one company ahead of the rest.

Baldwin Door Knobs
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