Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

What is the Best New Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

Why do women have more wrinkles and men less?

I have always wondered why the face of a man of forty can look youngerthan a woman of the same age. The answer is not that men have fewer wrinkles or they are born with magic wands. It is just that their skins are more rugged and the hair follicles deter wrinkle formation. Also, shaving helps men to slough off dead skin cells therefore new, live ones are seen; since a mans skin is rougher, the shaving does not harm their skin. Women have tender skin which needs a stronger protection regime to ward off the evils effects of time and environment. Also for women, as the skin ages, new cells don’t replace dead once nearly as fast as it once did and hence the facial skin looks stretched. Even fat layers under the skin start playing up by atrophying. By losing its elasticity and moisture, the skin is not springy any more and tends to look stretched and dry. Can an Anti-Wrinkle Cream help your skin?


Try sprinkling a bit of water on a flower which has been exposed too long to the sun. You notice an immediate change, almost as if the flower has again come to life and is breathing again. That’s the same thing with the skin. Dead lifeless skin does not mean that you need to call the undertaker to bury it, give it a spurt of energy and goodness and watch its revival. There are a number of quality regeneration face serums you can choose from today. The products dive into the skin on application and begins to work on the dying cells by replenishing them with all those molecules they need to survive. The serum coats the skin with much needed moisture bringing back its external elasticity. Unlike a mere moisturizer, the regeneration face serums assists with the anti-aging effects you are seeking. It does the work of a life breather, regenerating dead cells, breathing life into living ones and fortifying the stronger cells against further damage.

anti-wrinkle-picBut can you help it if your hormones are creating havoc and the end result is acne prone skin which is so sensitive that it reacts to most anti-wrinkle creams? There are products available in the market which works with your skin, understanding its trauma. You may need to invest in an entire set of protection and rejuvenation products which include, but not limited to, a face and neck lotion, an eye repair product, and a moisturizer product that contains SPF 20. Using the entire skin repair and maintenance set will ensure that premature wrinkles and crow’s feet don’t develop near the eyes, the acne does not leave unbecoming pores on the skin and the face and neck lotion firms the skin, preventing wrinkles and letting the skin feel nourished and protected.

Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream
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