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Hand Cream Products – Skin So Soft Most of us when we think `wrinkles’ think of the face or the neck and when we think of smooth skin we think of our bodies (not always with a smile, though!). However, while the ravages of time can be concealed on the face, under a bit of makeup and our body covered with clothing, the one part of the body which lies open and naked to be viewed by all is our ... »


Does Beauty Control Cosmetics?

Does Beauty Control Cosmetics? – The Answer May Surprise You Does beauty control cosmetics? Watching commercials on TV or looking at ads in a magazine it seems that it does. Why? How does beauty control cosmetics, it shouldn’t, should it? Society today has determined that beauty should have no flaws and this is impressed onto everyone in one way or another so that you are to look like this o... »


Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

What is the Best New Anti-Wrinkle Cream? Why do women have more wrinkles and men less? I have always wondered why the face of a man of forty can look youngerthan a woman of the same age. The answer is not that men have fewer wrinkles or they are born with magic wands. It is just that their skins are more rugged and the hair follicles deter wrinkle formation. Also, shaving helps men to slough off d... »



What is Microdermabrasion? Every day you faithfully cleanse, scrub (if needed), tone & moisturize your facial skin to keep it looking healthy & young looking. Sometimes, your skin may not always have that beautiful glow. This could be that the scrub you use in your regular skin maintenance routine just isn’t doing what it should, perhaps you need to take the next step in exfoliating your s... »

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Best Hand Moisturizers

What are the Best Hand Moisturizers? Our skin breathes; it also emanates toxins through sweat glands which are situated in abundance in our hands. Thus, when you feel sweaty you wash your hands with soap and water. Immediately, your hands feel dry and you reach for a hand lotion or a bottle of petroleum jelly and rub it into your skin. You now feel better and the feeling is enhanced with the thoug... »


Removing A Tattoo

Removing A Tattoo – Is It Painful? When you make that “big” decision to get a tattoo you are making a commitment that is forever lasting. Your tattoo is created by having a pigment inserted into the dermal layer of your skin creating a permanent picture on your body, therefore, the removal, if choosen, can be difficult. If you ever decide to remove a tattoo, for any reason that comes into pl... »