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Baldwin Door Knobs

Baldwin Door Knobs – Review There have been Baldwin door knobs gracing doors since 1946. One of the essential parts of a door that make a door unique is the hardware. Door knobs are available in a number of shapes, styles and finishes. In addition, they are simple to replace and quickly change the look of any door. Baldwin originally began as Baldwin Tool and Die Company and was purchased by... »

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Knobs and Knockers

Knobs and Knockers – For Your Entry Doors There are probably thousands of different door Knobs and Knockers that you can choose from for your home. The styles, the materials, the textures, the finishes, the colors and even the sizes and shapes can vary. The items can be mass produced or hand crafted for that one of a kind look. Browsing through the options at your local home improvement stor... »


Seeding your lawn

Seeding Your Lawn – How To… Lawns, apparently, have been around for the last 150 years, but over the last few decades, `the lawn’ has become a part of the American residence and whether one uses the lawn for parties or for the children to throw a ball around, the lawn is now here to stay. Properly seeding your lawn will result in a lavish and hardy lawn. If you are now looking at havin... »

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Lawn Fertilizer Tips

4 – Lawn Fertilizer Tips Just as we take vitamins and food supplements to ensure that our bodies are not deprived of any of the required nutrient supply, we, also need to ensure that our plants and lawns get the right nutrients to enable their healthy growth.  Plants naturally acquire the nutrients they require from the atmosphere and from soil; that’s the way nature has designed things. How... »

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Mulching Your Lawn

Mulching Your Lawn – Using Proper Technique In the eternal circle of life, nothing disappears or goes away into space.  Waste matter goes back into the earth and helps to nourish and grow new life.  New life grows, withers, and dies to fall back on the earth, and once again the cycle is repeated.  The bottom line is – what nature has created cannot be destroyed. It recreates itself.  H... »


Watering Your Lawn

Watering Your Lawn – All You Need To Know. Water performs the same function in plants as blood in our bodies.  Without water, plants don’t stand a chance of survival! Having said that, lawns do need water, but not a lot of water.  Over watering can result in fungus and plant diseases. Just like overeating messes up our health, plants too can be affected by too much of a good thing.  A lot of... »


Lawn Care

Lawn Care: Having Pride in Your Lawn A well maintained lawn is a reflection of you, isn’t it? Most of us look at our houses and cars as extensions of ourselves, but when it comes to lawns, the labor outweighs the fruits of the labor, so to speak, and we let it fall to neglect. Proper Lawn Care is sometime to master and without proper lawn care, the end result is a shoddy, overgrown lawn, which is ... »