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The Plus Signs of Social Networking Sites

What Are – The Plus Signs of Social Networking Sites? Establishing social networks with your friends through online sites is brought about by having common interests. When at one time your interests are not well-exhausted in your current group, it is time to expand your network. And such functions are possible within social networking sites, which are just two of the sites’ manifold advantag... »


Social Networking in Education

The Use Of Social Networking in Education The debate about the direct benefits of using social networking in education is still ongoing. However, some of these online social networking sites, or SNS, have early reputations that have long preceded their potentials. Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace are some of the examples of such networking sites that caused a shame for themselves. Technology per ... »

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Social Marketing Plan

5 Steps to Develop a Social Marketing Plan Social marketing is considered a process of utilizing different marketing principles in order to influence human behavior to a certain promotion or improvement towards a specific objective or goal. There are several ways of marketing your products or services through social media and its effectiveness depends on the social marketing plan you carefully ass... »


Understanding Youtube

Understanding YouTube – The Basics YouTube is a very popular free video-sharing social web site in cyberspace today. It has millions of users and viewers in different age brackets, backgrounds, culture and professions among others. Understanding YouTube is extremely important because of its prevalent impact in the contemporary world. Using this social web site to your advantage especially in terms... »


Understanding Facebook

Understanding Facebook – The Basics Facebook is a global social networking site privately owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. It definitely has a massive and worldwide impact on millions of internet users who wish to meet friends and keep track with the global community all the time. There are actually millions of Facebook users accessing the web site every day where they have the chance to updat... »


Learn to Use Web 2.0

Learn to Use Web 2.0 (Social Media) The use of the World Wide Web has conquered human culture in more ways ever imagined. People of the contemporary world live and evolve around the internet each day, with millions of individuals relying on online sources to facilitate and do their daily activities. Either for professionals or students, the internet is truly an indispensable tool that provides all... »

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Social Networking Safety

Social Networking Safety – Reminders Social networking is one of the most popular and influential components in the world wide web with countless of sites proliferating in cyberspace. Social networking is common to almost all net citizens but most especially for the younger generation which is more prone to joining networking groups on the internet. More than just a venue to socialize and keep in ... »