Does Beauty Control Cosmetics?

Does Beauty Control Cosmetics? – The Answer May Surprise You

Does beauty control cosmetics? Watching commercials on TV or looking at ads in a magazine it seems that it does. Why? How does beauty control cosmetics, it shouldn’t, should it? Society today has determined that beauty should have no flaws and this is impressed onto everyone in one way or another so that you are to look like this or like that.

beauty-cosmetics-picI believe that it is important to take care of yourself the best that you can but not to the point that that is all you do. We have been taught that the first impression is so important, therefore, we work so hard on that first impression. We can’t control what others think or believe, we can only impress a “picture” of what we want them to think (or not to think). Seriously, how many times does that “first impression moment” get all messed up, for whatever reason, you realize it and that that moment will never happen again? Tons! Think about why that moment was messed up? Was it truly because of how you looked? Probably not.

It is a fact that there are, in this world, so many different people with different looks and this is what makes each one of us unique. Some of us have the mindset that we need “stuff” to make us look that this or that. Do we really? Maybe, maybe not.

Today, there are so many different types and colors of cosmetics that it can be overwhelming to choose what to use. What type of cosmetic product do you want to use? What attribute of the cosmetic are you looking for? What brand is the best (for you)? What colors should you pick? Ultimately, how will the cosmetic make you look and is it the “look” you want?

So, does beauty control cosmetics? No, your beauty is perfect just the way it is. But, I will be the first to agree that cosmetics can help your own, society instilled, self-esteem be more positive – to a point.


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Does Beauty Control Cosmetics?
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