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Most of us when we think `wrinkles’ think of the face or the neck and when we think of smooth skin we think of our bodies (not always with a smile, though!). However, while the ravages of time can be concealed on the face, under a bit of makeup and our body covered with clothing, the one part of the body which lies open and naked to be viewed by all is our hands!

Why would we want to bother with our hands?

The simple answer is – hands are as exposed as the face, and actually more exposed to the outside environment. We wash our hands numerous times a day, exposing it to harsh agents like soap and detergents, which relentlessly tear away at the skin’s soft moisture cells making it dry and leathery. As the skin loses its firmness, the bones and veins protrude in a most unbecoming way and no matter what we do, the hands show exactly what lies beneath. The time to act is now, and while there are several hand cream products which can be picked off the shelf in a department store, it is necessary to understand what hand cream products really mean and in what way they really help our hands. Understanding this, will help us ensure that our hands get the right treatment`below the skin’ which works upwards enabling your hands to look and feel great.


One ingredient to look for is Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs. These acids penetrate the skin and acts on the living cells. AHA is a group of compounds derived from natural sources like glycolic (sugarcane), lactic (milk), malic (apple), citric (oranges) and tartaric acid (grapes). Regular usage of your chosen hand care product should help to exfoliate dry and dead skins cells and help your hands to look younger and smoother in a short period of time.

When discussing hand cream products and hand care, we must not forget our cuticles and nails. There is nothing more unbecoming than torn cuticles and ugly nails. What most of us do, quite naturally, is to camouflage the damage under a coat of polish. While painted nails help beautify your hands, the nails beneath the polish are again getting an overdose of chemicals which have been used to create nail polishes. Use a bright colored nail polish and when you remove it, you will notice that your nails don’t shine as they are naturally prone to do. And that again is an example of how tender our nails and hands are and how easily we take these parts of our body for granted.

Having said the above, the real damage starts showing only when we realize that we don’t really want people to start guessing our age. But by then, the hands are already damaged; the veins stand out clearly like worms under the skin, the nails pale and colorless and the palm itself, dry and hard to the touch. One can either go around wearing gloves or look at protecting hands naturally as though they are shielded by invisible gloves. Thank heavens there are hand cream products and nail care systems available today, which not only protect our hands and nails from environmental damage they even defy time. Quality products work wonders for your hands. Use a product you trust in and the next time you go out, your best looking feature will be your hands.

Hand Cream Products
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