Knobs and Knockers

Knobs and Knockers – For Your Entry Doors

There are probably thousands of different door Knobs and Knockers that you can choose from for your home. The styles, the materials, the textures, the finishes, the colors and even the sizes and shapes can vary. The items can be mass produced or hand crafted for that one of a kind look.

Browsing through the options at your local home improvement store may seem a little overwhelming. If nothing grabs your attention, visit a showroom for a company that specializes in cabinetry and the hardware for it. They will have numerous books and catalogs that you can look through to find the perfect Knobs and Knockers for your doors.

Your front door, or the main door you use to enter your home, gets a lot of use. The door knobs can take a lot of abuse and it needs to be made of quality materials and workmanship. There are several basic types available and the lock itself is the most important part. Some of the household names such as Kwikset, Schlage and Baldwin can be found at your local home improvement store. However, there are a number of other company’s such as Emtek, Sure-loc and Weslock.

Of course, these aren’t the only types of door knobs you can have in your home. Every door in your home typically requires a knob. Knobs for cabinetry is more of a personal choice. There are even more styles to choose from for these particular knobs to add that personal touch to the inside of your home.

For door knockers, the options are also quite numerous. The knobs and knockers have to match right? Not necessarily, knockers can match the door hardware but they could be a unique one of a kind hand crafted piece or perhaps one from a century ago. The materials and finishes can be almost anything that can withstand the weather but light enough to be secured to the door.

The price for knobs and knockers will vary upon a number of things. The material and if the item is hand crafted or not will have a large impact on the price. Brass, bronze, cast iron and wood are just some materials that can be used. The style can be regal to contemporary. One of the unique things about door knockers is that these can be custom made. They can be created to reflect your heritage or your favorite hobby.

You can find a number of common knockers at your favorite home improvement store but to find something more special, you need to look elsewhere. Attend estate sales, browse your local flea market or you can simply look online. Once you start searching you will be amazed at the different kinds of knockers you can choose from.

Door knockers aren’t just a slab of metal with a coated metal loop attached anymore. They can be bold such as a horse’s head or delicate like a flower. The knocker could be shaped like a flip flop or perhaps your family’s crest. You may have one created to look like the family pet.

There are options for all tastes and styles. The knobs and knockers you choose for your entry door should be durable and reflect who you are on the inside.

Knobs and Knockers
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