Learn to Use Web 2.0

Learn to Use Web 2.0 (Social Media)

The use of the World Wide Web has conquered human culture in more ways ever imagined. People of the contemporary world live and evolve around the internet each day, with millions of individuals relying on online sources to facilitate and do their daily activities. Either for professionals or students, the internet is truly an indispensable tool that provides all the necessary resources they need for their respective endeavors. Therefore, the advent of Web 2.0 social media in the previous years until the present paved the way to a more enhanced and advanced online experience. Every net citizen ought to know about this important online component.

web-20-pic-2What is Web 2.0 social media?

This is a category of new and advanced internet technologies and tools which were created to cater to the idea that people who generally use and consume media, have access to cyberspace and utilize the internet should not be passive absorbers of what is being fed to them online. Consumers in the modern online world are given the chance to interact, actively participate and contribute something in order to customize technology and media to their advantage and their society as well.

This type of media is considered a new era in the world of technology which opens the threshold for a rewarding venture that helps nonprofit operations, generate funds and eventually affect more lives as it reaches millions through the internet. This is technically associated with web design and web development that ushers interactive information sharing and a user-centered design.

What are specific examples?

There are now innumerable web sites proliferating in the internet which encourages its users to interact with others or give them the chance to change or modify the web site contents. This is one of the objectives of Web 2.0 social media which aims to empower its users or consumers rather than becoming mere spectators in the online industry. Some of the web-based communities included in this media are as follows.

  • Hosted services. Also known as web service, this is a software system that supports interoperable machine-to-machine communication or interaction over a network. In common terms, there is a client-server interacting relationship or communication using the HTTP protocol on the internet.
  • Web applications. This is accessed through a web browser such as internet or intranet which is commonly used for web mails, retail sales online, online auctions and other functions.
  • Social networking sites. The focus of these sites is to create global communities among people who share common interests or activities done over the web. Social networking is a very effective and new way of communicating with friends and people all over the globe. Web 2.0 social media is quite relevant and helpful in this category since it is mainly used for interaction purposes.

It is truly obvious that the new millennium is an invasion of the World Wide Web of culture in every aspect of humanity. Thus, to make the most out of online resources and trends, it is vitally important to know Web 2.0 social media for a more productive experience in cyberspace.


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Learn to Use Web 2.0
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