Mulching Your Lawn

Mulching Your Lawn – Using Proper Technique

In the eternal circle of life, nothing disappears or goes away into space.  Waste matter goes back into the earth and helps to nourish and grow new life.  New life grows, withers, and dies to fall back on the earth, and once again the cycle is repeated.  The bottom line is – what nature has created cannot be destroyed. It recreates itself.  Hence, mulching, the technique of using dried leaves or straw for fertilization, cannot harm plants. Instead of throwing away dead leaves, they can be used for mulching your lawn.

The Benefits of Mulching Your Lawn

  • The good news about mulched material is it actually helps grass to become greener and healthier.
  • Mulches retain water and provide ongoing nourishment for grass.
  • Since they are not alive, they do not provide much in the way of food for weeds and bugs, and in fact, deter their inhabitation.
  • Normally, during watering, soil tends to splash around. Mulch keeps soil intact and prevents soil erosion.
  • During heat waves or summer, in between watering, the top layer can crust up and become hard. Mulching your lawn provides a natural protective layer, soaking up moisture and keeping the soil soft and pliant.
  • As mulch decomposes, it becomes a haven of natural nutrients for the soil.
  • Mulch is also aesthetic. Once spread out on the soil, it gives a uniform appearance and adds to the beauty of the lawn.

What Can be Used to Mulch Your Lawn

Straw from wheat, barley and oat can be used for mulching your lawn. Hay is not an option, as it may contain weed seeds. Straw helps soil to trap moisture and saturate new seeds.  Since straw is bio-degradable, its benefits are far greater than those which are not bio-degradable.

During decomposition of the mulch, the lawn owner may start wondering if the right thing had been done by the lawn, but decomposition means bio-degradation and the minerals that are produced act as natural fertilizers.

How to Mulch?

An easy way is to use a mulch lawn mower.  A mulching lawn mower, like a regular lawn mower, cuts the grass.  What it then does is, it re-cuts the grass into smaller pieces and leaves it in the turf to decompose. The cut grass dries and decomposes, becoming a natural fertilizer. This kind of mulch mower pushes back the mulched grass into the soil itself.

Some lawn mowers bag the mulched grass, and from there, one can add to a compost heap.

There are also combination mowers which cost a bit more, but they give you the option to either stow away the cut grass for a later date or to recycle it on the spot.

When to Mulch Your Lawn?

The time to mulch is dependent on seasonal changes.  During heat waves or extreme summer, mulching your lawn enables to retain moisture, which provides a wet bed for the grass.  Mulching can also be done when there appears to be thatch in the lawn.

Mulching Your Lawn
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