Outback Steakhouse Desserts

I Just Gained 5lb’s – Outback Steakhouse Desserts

Do you love it or dread it when the waiter/waitress asks you if you are interested in any Outback Steakhouse desserts? If you haven’t been to an Outback Steakhouse yet, you really need to go. The atmosphere and service is great but the food is very tasty.


Sure the Outback Steakhouse might just be another typical steak and seafood restaurant but there is just something about the food. Okay, we’re talking about desserts not their tantalizing appetizers or their tender and juicy steaks or maybe even their fresh seafood plates. Desserts are those treats that are meant to complete the meal.


chocolate-thunder-from-down-under-picOutback Steakhouse desserts are simply the frosting that covers the cake. Once you have been seated and you have your drink and are getting settled, it’s time to open the menu. Sure you look at the appetizers then you glance over the other options available to see if there is anything new. Then you flip to the back page.


The back page is probably the most important page because there is a section called “Irresistible Desserts”. Aren’t we all kids at heart and love a good sweet treat just like the next guy does? Your eyes glance down the menu of the Outback Steakhouse desserts list and keep the options in the back of your mind; you know, just in case.


The options are of course very tempting and very sweet. The list isn’t too long but it covers just about everyone’s taste buds. Theoutback-carrotcake-pic options (and these will vary upon the country you are in) for the United States are: Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio, the Classic Cheesecake, the Carrot Cake, the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under and last but not least Sydney’s Sinful Sundae.


I could go over the number of calories, the total fat, the trans fat, the carbohydrates and so on that are in each of the above noted Outback Steakhouse desserts; but I won’t. They’re desserts, why ruin it? Let’s inspect each dessert a little more closely; do you have your fork or spoon ready?


If you really can’t make up your mind, which many of us seem to have this problem when it comes to dessert choose the Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio. The Trio consists of a slice of carrot cake which has coconut and pecans, a slice of the Classic Cheesecake and a small version of the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under which comes with a pecan brownie. My taste buds are going crazy!


The Classic Cheesecake is New York style and you have the options of either raspberry or chocolate sauce (but why not have a little of both?). The Carrot Cake is a layered cake which has a super smooth and sweet vanilla cream cheese icing. Sydney’s Sinful Sundae is a little different as its vanilla ice cream rolled in coconut and topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a beautiful fresh strawberry.


I saved the best for last; the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. This dessert starts with a pecan brownie then vanilla ice cream is placed on top. A warm chocolate sauce is drizzled over the top of the ice cream and the finale is chocolate shavings and whipped cream dress it up!


I am so ready for a sweet treat! Next time you are enjoying a nice dinner out or just want a change of pace for dessert; head to the Outback and try one of the yummy Outback Steakhouse desserts.

Outback Steakhouse Desserts
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