Seeding your lawn

Seeding Your Lawn – How To…

Lawns, apparently, have been around for the last 150 years, but over the last few decades, `the lawn’ has become a part of the American residence and whether one uses the lawn for parties or for the children to throw a ball around, the lawn is now here to stay. Properly seeding your lawn will result in a lavish and hardy lawn.

If you are now looking at having a lush lawn and you are debating on how to go about it, here are some tips to make it easy for you.

The first step is to decide the kind of grass you wish to grow. Grass grows in warm and cool weather, and depending on the overall climatic condition, you can choose the kind of grass you would like to grow. Some popular varieties of warm season grasses are Bahia, Bermuda, Carpet grass, Centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia; some varieties of cool weather grasses are Bentgrass, Bluegrass, Fine Fescu, tall Fescue and Ryegrass.

You can establish your lawn by Sodding, Sprigs and Plugs or by Seeding.

Sodding is the quickest way to get an instant lawn.  You just cut the sod into square pieces, lay them on the soil like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and press them into the soil and water.

Sprigs and Plugs could give you a back ache (literally!) as you bend over and plant them – the sprigs in furrows and plugs in individual holes.  However, once the work is over, this kind of lawn does look aesthetically great.

Seeding a lawn is, I believe, the most pleasurable form of growing a lawn.  Planting the seeds, watching them sprout and grow, is almost like watching the divine experience of creating life and the pride and pleasure associated with watching the fruits of your labor can be immense!

To seed a lawn, here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Dig the soil to at least 3” depth
  2. Using a rake thoroughly remove stones and clumps of weeds.
  3. Once the raking is over, the soil has to be smoothed over.
  4. At this stage, you need to add compost, top soil and starter fertilizer.
  5. A weighted lawn roller will ensure that the above penetrates the ground and remove irregularities.
  6. Now sprinkle the seeds, as regularly as possible
  7. Repeat the process of raking and rolling with a weighted lawn roller.
  8. Water the seeds – more in the beginning and slowly reducing it to around once a day when the grass has grown to about an inch in height.
  9. You can mow the grass when you feel it is too long. An ideal length should be around 2 to 3 inches in height.

If you already have an existing lawn and you wish to seed it just to make it look fuller and lusher you could follow these steps:

  1. Mow the grass and also use a rake if you wish to thin the existing grass.
  2. Add compost and starter fertilizer
  3. Now add the seeds and rake it in.

If your lawn looks like its growing bald, in patches, this is what you could do:

  1. First of all ensure that the thinning is not because of pests
  2. Manually pull out dead grass
  3. Now add the grass seed and rake it.
Seeding your lawn
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