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5 Steps to Develop a Social Marketing Plan

Social marketing is considered a process of utilizing different marketing principles in order to influence human behavior to a certain promotion or improvement towards a specific objective or goal. There are several ways of marketing your products or services through social media and its effectiveness depends on the social marketing plan you carefully assess and develop for your specific venture.

What are effective ways of developing a marketing plan?

social marketing plan pic2Here are five steps to develop a social marketing plan.

  1. Start with the basics. All ventures and planning endeavors are based on fundamental components such as clear-cut objectives and goals. What do you aim to gain or acquire by using social marketing? Some of the most common objectives are as follows.
  • Establish expertise and mastery level in your respective field or venture/niche.
  • Increase brand or name recognition for your product or services endorsed as well as visibility in the vast online world.
  • Generate traffic to your web site either directly or through the help of search engine optimization.
  • Develop a good relationship with other webmasters who are potential partners for joint ventures.
  1. Determine and know your target audiences. It is important to know the niche you wish to particularly cater for. Know what specific market you wish to reach in creating your social marketing plan. Some of the examples for target audience are potential new customers or clients, publishing and marketing professionals, key figures who have the power to influence other people and introduce or recommend you and other experts in your genre or milieu.
  2. Determine what tactics you will use. There are various social marketing methods and tactics available for you to utilize, depending on your needs and preferences. Be sure that you choose the perfect tactic that will fit your promotion, objectives, audiences and allotted time for your venture. There are several activities in social marketing such as online forums, social or micro blogging, content or media sharing sites, social bookmarking or news, and social networking among others.
  3. Implement and materialize. A Social marketing plan is not the end of all your efforts for a great online venture. The culmination of all you’re planning is the implementation of your developed plans. It is important to note that you must materialize your tactics and methods one at a time. This is to ensure quality and effectiveness, not just the quantity or how much you can make.
  4. Evaluate your progress. Lastly, to know if your marketing plan using social media really works, it is imperative that you make a periodic assessment of your activities. Gauge if you have generated your desired results as well as the setbacks and other adjustments you need to do to improve your strategy.

A social marketing plan is truly of utmost significance especially in the overwhelming world of the internet in the contemporary days. The success of your career depends on how much you invest your time, money and effort on such worthwhile tools to promote your ventures.


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Social Marketing Plan
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