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Social Networking Safety – Reminders

Social networking is one of the most popular and influential components in the world wide web with countless of sites proliferating in cyberspace. Social networking is common to almost all net citizens but most especially for the younger generation which is more prone to joining networking groups on the internet. More than just a venue to socialize and keep in touch with people and friends beyond the boundaries of time and place, there are also hazards and dangers that are imminent. Therefore, it is important to know about social networking safety tips and reminders to prevent unwanted events due to using social networking sites.

Networking Safety pic 2How to safely socialize online?

Several organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission advocate several consumer protection programs that help individuals to use social networking sites in a safe and scam-free manner. Some of the advocacies they endorse are those that teach parents to take care of their kids and show them how to socialize safely on the internet.

Here are important social networking safety reminders you can observe and do to keep yourself free from risk and danger of online scams and other fraudulent activities.

  • Privacy. Although one of the main purposes of social networking is to keep in touch with as many people as you can no matter where they are on the globe. It is still very important to limit information you are going to disclose. Accessible information by all must be limited. Information like full name, exact street or house address, social security number, phone number and most importantly, family financial information must be kept confidential and not posted in social networking sites.
  • Limit access. Use the private settings in most social networking sites that specifically restrict those who can view or access your profile and information. It is also important that you read the privacy policies for more social networking safety. This is to help you understand the privacy features and control you are entitled in order to be safer while socializing with your family and friends online.
  • Be careful what to post. It is quite salient to remember that whatever information, pictures or details about yourself posted online are things you can never retrieve or take back. Therefore, before posting something, make sure that the information is something you are comfortable others seeing or accessing. Even if you have already deleted some information, it may still be circulated online and appear on other’s computers in the older version of the social networking sites. Another social networking safety tip deals with posting pictures which most sites are promoting for a more personalized touch. If you opt to share your photos online, be prepared since some people can copy your pictures and post it on sites you are not particularly happy with.
  • The world is becoming a global village where the boundaries of distance and time zones no longer exist. With countless sites used for socializing and keeping at pace with others in the world, knowing and understanding social networking safety reminders is fundamental to enjoy the benefits of the internet without the hassles of internet hazards.


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Social Networking Safety
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