Supplements for Hypothyroidism

Supplements for Hypothyroidism What You Need To Know

Hypothyroidism-book_largeWhen the body functions slow down, it makes it tougher and sometimes more frustrating to get through the day. Sometimes we deal with one or more body issues that we may mistake as symptoms caused by something different than we may think. One particular medical condition in which we may mistake for something else is hypothyroidism and there are supplements for hypothyroidism available.

Many of us have probably heard of hyperthyroidism and this is when the thyroid processes speed up and there a number of symptoms that can be harmful to the body if not treated in a timely manner. On the opposite end of the spectrum is hypothyroidism. Not to say that hypothyroidism can be harmful but usually when left unchecked otherwise it can easily be corrected by a number of different treatments. Due to the many vague symptoms that hypothyroidism causes, it can be difficult for the diagnosis to be validated without having a blood test done. If you have any concerns, consult with your doctor.

The majority of the time, hypothyroidism can be corrected by taking supplements which you can buy either over the counter or your doctor may have a special one that he will prescribe for you. Many times though, the supplements you can get at your local natural food store or pharmacy offer your body exactly what it needs to put the thyroid back in check and keep it functioning as it should.



What Supplements Should You Look For:

As most of know, the supplement isle holds many different types from A to Z and beyond. Of course, knowing which supplement(s) you might need can be the tricky part. Your doctor can help you choose or perhaps even the pharmacist can guide you towards a good start; sometimes by simply adding or removing one thing from your daily diet can make all the difference in how your body functions.


survivalshield_sep14Probably the two most important supplements that you can add are Iodine and Tyrosine. These two work together and make the thyroid hormone production produce as it was made to. Considered an amino acid, Tyrosine, used Iodine to create hormones in the thyroid. Iodine can be found naturally in food but can also be found as a supplement, this is the same for Tyrosine (which is found in meats and some dairy products).

Selenium is another compound that is found naturally in the body and some people who are diagnosed with hypothyroidism have a selenium deficiency. Selenium deficiency is rarer in the United States and the higher rates are primarily in China. This product is needed for the T4 hormone to ignite the productivity of the T3 hormone and if there is not light then this is also a cause for the thyroid to slow down the production line. Selenium can also be found in meats, seafood and some nuts.


Supplements for Hypothyroidism
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