Understanding Facebook

Understanding Facebook – The Basics

Facebook is a global social networking site privately owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. It definitely has a massive and worldwide impact on millions of internet users who wish to meet friends and keep track with the global community all the time. There are actually millions of Facebook users accessing the web site every day where they have the chance to update their profiles and blogs and many other social activities. Therefore, to use this networking site to your great advantage, understanding Facebook is a must.

What are the features of Facebook?

Facebook-pic2Here are some of the specifications and benefits you can get as a Facebook user.

  • Photo album. You can add and upload photos to your profile and organize them in photo albums included in your profile. This is a great way of updating your friends with the latest events that you are busy with and share with them memorable moments through your pictures online.
  • Blogs. Understanding Facebook also means knowing how to use the blog merge features in your site. You can use the simple blog or you can use your Facebook blogs and merge them with your existing blog site.
  • Search and browse. Facebook has an excellent and effective feature for searching for friends and specific people who are also using the site. There are several search options you can basically use in order to accurately and immediately locate people you are looking for.
  • Applications. Facebook has several applications you can use in order to socialize or interact with other users and friends. You can actually access interactive games which you and your friends can all enjoy and share as part of keeping in touch and bonding together online.In further understanding Facebook, it is imperative to learn and understand the different communication tools featured in the site. Here are four of the basic means of interaction used in the site.
  • What are the means of communication in Facebook?
  1. Status box. This is considered the main communication tool where users post their activities or whatever they are doing which they wish to share with others. Everything you post here is shown in your friends’ Home and Profile tabs.
  2. Wall. This is specifically located in your Profile tab where your friends can post something for you. If you have a message from your friends via your wall, you can reply to them by writing on the “Write Something” box at the comment window.
  3. Private messages. This is found on the top left area of the page which is under the profile picture box. Any messages sent here are viewed only by the sender and receiver of the message.
  4. Chat. Understanding Facebook also means knowing how to use the chat application which is found at the bottom right corner of the Facebook window. The green button shows your online friends. You can always set the chat mood offline to temporarily disable this feature.
  5. Social networking is becoming a trend and vital part in human culture that shapes and enriches the social character of every net citizen around the world. Understanding Facebook is an effective way for interacting with the world to improve your social life. Also using Facebook is a Great way to generate free traffic to your website.


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Understanding Facebook
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