Understanding Youtube

Understanding YouTube – The Basics

YouTube is a very popular free video-sharing social web site in cyberspace today. It has millions of users and viewers in different age brackets, backgrounds, culture and professions among others. Understanding YouTube is extremely important because of its prevalent impact in the contemporary world. Using this social web site to your advantage especially in terms of your online ventures is an effective tool; however it may also pose danger and destruction for those who do not understand how to utilize this form of media.

What are the basics of YouTube?

In the process of understanding YouTube, it is important to note that it is generally a video-sharing site where registered users have the chance to upload their videos and share video clips with others online through YouTube.com. However, if you only want to view the videos in the site, there is actually no need for you to register or sign in to your account. In some instances, especially if the video you clicked to view contains scenes which are not recommended for all age groups, you are required to sign in to your account and confirm your birth date first before accessing the video.

As a brief overview to understanding YouTube history, three former employers of PayPal created this breakthrough in February of 2005. However, in November 2006, it was bought by Google Inc. for a whopping amount of $1.65 billion. Operated by a Google subsidiary, YouTube is now based in San Bruno, California. The system uses the technology of Adobe Flash Video to generate several types of video content such as TV and movie clips, music videos, short original videos and video blogging among others. Most of the uploaded videos in YouTube are from individual sources although other organizations and media corporations offer some of their materials as partnership programs with YouTube.

YouTube-pic2What are the social impacts of YouTube?

Understanding YouTube and how it works gives a considerable view on its social impact in the lives and activities of people in the internet. Sharing videos online is now a convenient and easy thing to do using the World Wide Web. Through access to video viewing and uploading, people broaden their horizons and are educated about a wide range of topics and realities from people in every corner of the globe. However, there are also negative outcomes and criticisms associated with YouTube; despite of its prohibition of uploading videos which have defamation, copyright violations and pornography contents, most people still succeeded in posting them in their sites or channels.

How do you use YouTube?

You can basically signup with YouTube in order to create your account and registrations are generally for free. If you wish to view videos, you can do so by signing in, or not, since there is no need to register in order to view. However, if you want to upload and share videos, you need to register and sign in to your account to access this uploading service.

Understanding YouTube is significantly necessary in order to serve as guidelines and pointers for you to use their services for your advantage.


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Understanding Youtube
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