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Prince Lionheart – Wheely Bug – A Must Have

If you have been looking for the perfect toy to get your child moving and learning their coordination then the Wheely Bug is what you need. The Prince Lionheart company is offering this awesome concept in encouraging gross motor skills for children from 1 1/2 years on up with 6 adorable wheelies. These award winning toys are a must to put on your child’s birthday or Christmas wish list.


What is so exciting about these wheelies? As soon as you see them, you’ll know that you just have to have one. They are available in six designs which are: a bee, a (lady)bug, a cow, a mouse, a pig and a tiger. Each design is patented as well as trademark registered; each unisex design is constructed with quality material that is both non-toxic and has no PVC products involved in the manufacturing process. The renewable plantation timber plywood base is covered with a 1 inch layer of a soft sponge and then covered with a tough and easy to clean PU covering.


This universal learning toy has been acknowledged by receiving the Best Australian Toy ITSA Quality Toy award in the years 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2006. Gold awards were received for Right Start Best Toy (UK) in 2005 and Baby and Toddler (UK) in 2005 and then it was highly commended by Mother & Baby (UK) in 2005. There are other awards as well from other organizations.

Each Wheely Bug is available in two sizes so that every child can enjoy this toy. The small measures at 15in x 9in x 8.75in at seat height, weighs 4 pounds and is for ages of 1 1/2 years and up. The large measures at 18.5in x 11in x 10.50in at seat height, weighs 5 pounds and is for ages of 3 years and up.

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Educational with Fun

The Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug has multi-directional castors which allows your child to have fun while improving their motor skills. These wheels make the Wheely Bug perfect for indoors on smooth floors and is quiet so the only “noise” you hear is the giggling and laughing from your child as they scoot around. Of course you can’t have a bug without “feelers” so each one has their own pair of which each are stainless steel springs that move freely as the bug moves. As a safety measure, each spring has an internal cord so that the spring cannot be pulled out.

Tried and True

With all of Prince Lionheart’s products, each one is tested for safety in its design. Prince Lionheart knows that kids can be touch so each bug is put through the test. Research and development occurs in child care centers so you know if they can’t survive the kids there, then it couldn’t survive in your home. Each bug are also certified tested to ASTM 963, AS/NZ ISO 8124, CE EN71 and JP ST05 standards.

The Wheely Bug isn’t just a toy, but it’s a learning tool that will help give your child or grandchild the motor skills to balance, coordination and maneuver objects. Doesn’t your child need a Wheely bug?

Wheely Bug
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